06-14 C6 Corvette Trans/Diff For Stock Differential (2.56/2.73) 6L80E

6l80e transmission/differential brace for 2006-2014 C6 with stock style differential (non Z06) We are excited to release this product so it's FINALLY readily available to the public. If you are serious about hard launches with your 6l80E powered C6 Corvette this is a must have. We have proven this to handle 1.3-1.4 60fts reliably after learning what can happen without proper support between the transmission and differential. Without this brace it's possible to break the ears off the differntial which in turn allows the differential to flex downward away from the transmsisson. This will break the main shaft and leave the vehicle inoperable. It will crack the extension housing as well during this and worst case the main shaft will bind up and smear the bushing at the end of the case and this can potenially require a new case! So you're risking losing a lot of parts. I know there are those who haven't had issues, but that doesn't mean there isn't a clock ticking on it. This is cheap insurance that you won't need to be towed home if there is a failure relating to what was mentinoed above and that you won't have a pile of parts after a record setting 60ft