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Alkycontrol Methanol Injection C6 Corvette

Alkycontrol Methanol Injection kit for the C6 Corvette platform. This is the best kit on the market for the C6. Plenty of reading and feedback at www.corvetteforum.com. Features Custom made hoses, fittings, wiring, instructions etc. Modified Pump 250+ PSI, protective cover to keep water from intruding into motor, custom built Progressive controller preset for the C6 LS based platform. Custom Relay to transfer power from Fuse box to controller eliminating any interference from the system and vehicle electronics. GM Delco 2 bar MAP sensor with regulator to read boost and supply signal to controller. Same sensor can be utilized for SD conversions. 3 teflon lined braided hoses with pressed on ends custom length. Hose feature AN fittings. Meaning a wrench is needed to install and secure hoses. No push-in deal. This is a complete kit. Down to the custom tank fitting and grommet for the reservoir, cap for reservoir, plug for ww pump, stainless..... See All Info for more.